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Experience the power of Corel Painter. Now the world's most popular painting and illustration
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19 May 2008

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Do you have an artist hidden in you but you are running short of time to put your creativity on the canvas? Modern working schedules are often hectic which hardly leaves any leisure time with you to get involved into painting. But what if you get all your brushes, colors and canvas at your desk itself without anyone peeping in and disturbing? Won’t you like it to create paintings even at your office not being noticed by anyone and within the free time limit? You can do this by trying the Corel Painter X for Windows. The application is a real fun provider and helps you to explore the wings of your imagination. It provides you with different types of brushes, easy to use color palette and the different other tools to turn your images into amazing artwork.

Corel Painter X for Windows software has the capability to assist you in creating masterpieces. If you have ever seen or used Adobe Photoshop then you would find the software a bit closer to Photoshop interface and functions. The layers, colors and the so many tools that are shown are easy to use. To start the work with select a new or an existing document and start the creation or modifications as desired. With the help of the different brushes, pens, selection tools, etc the user can play placing various artistic strokes on the screen. Choose different colors from the color palette for your painting and you can also mix the colors using `Mixer`, which makes it possible for you to discover the new colors. Decorate your images with different ‘Look Selector’; it contains different selection of flowers, leaves, and other patterns. Select Canvas, Layers, apply Effects, apply text, create new paintings, insert different shapes and do much more.

The application is worth using as it can help make your images look wonderful while allowing you to toss and turn them according to your imagination. Corel Painter X for Windows software receives a score of 4.5 rating points for its varied functioning and ability to assist the user in creating fine pieces of art.

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Corel Painter X is the world's most powerful painting and illustration software, featuring unique digital brushes, art materials and textures that mirror the look and feel of their traditional counterparts! Comes with the Corel Painter X Handbook, offering Getting Started information, an illustrated guide to Corel Painter X brushes, and professionally crafted tutorials. Fun, easy - and remarkable!
Corel Painter X
Corel Painter X
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